Stove Glass

Heating stoves use several types of glass.  Stove glass breaks into large straight pieces. The product usually found in wood/coal/pellet and some gas stoves is a 1380 degree ceramic glass with a brand such as Pyroceram, Robax, or Neoceram.  Ceramic glass can be identified by its 3/16" thickness (although 1/8" thickness is an option), slight amber tint, and subtle orange peel texture.

Some heating stoves and appliances use a 580 degree borosilicate glass such as Borofloat or Pyrex. Borosilicate glass is most often 1/8" thick, clear, and either perfectly smooth or noticeably textured. Appliances that use borosilicate glass typically have several small strips of glass across the front or are typically smaller than 10 X 10 inches and include types of gas space heaters in addition to wood heating stoves. Many of these stoves can accommodate the thicker ceramic glass with no modification.

We also stock mica which is a transparent mineral approximately the same thickness and flexibility of a thin sheet of plastic and is used in antique style pot belly or 'parlor' type stoves.