About Us

Serving both the glass and hearth industries we specialize in small and large quantities and small sizes of replacement glass for fireplaces and wood stoves. Our products are suitable for industrial high temperature applications as well.

Residential applications include:
-Gas or wood fire screen door replacement glass
-Oven doors
-Gas and electric light fixtures
-Wood, coal, grain, pellet or gas burning heating stove replacement glass
-Furnaces, tank less water heaters and space heaters operating on a variety of fuels

Industrial applications include but are not limited to the following:
-Foundry and cement plant sight glass or view ports
-Iron / steel production and recycling
-Production heat treating

Several of our products are even available for same or next day shipping. Here are some of the other ways we strive to help you increase traffic and sales:

-No large opening order or commitment
-No inventory stocking requirements
-Small minimum orders
-Low cost, level shipping/packing charge
-Rapid processing on most products
-Easy ordering via email, fax or live telephone support

Cavalier Products Inc. dba HI-Temp GlassĀ  A Hearth and Industrial Glass Company.